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Piotr Kozar
Psychotherapy & hypnotherapy

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Piotr Kozar has been working as a psychotherapist for over 25 years. In his work Piotr integrates the ericksonian approach and EST (ego state therapy). He helps people who experience difficult emotions, and those who want to better understand themselves and other people.

Psychotherapy is a process that leads to an improvement in the quality of life. Each person is unique and has the ability to improve himself, and to pursue his values and life goals. Therapy can help with that. Hypnotherapy, and more specifically hypnosis, is an excellent support for the treatment process. It is a safe method based on contact with our own subconscious.︎︎︎

Different perspective

The mark proposed by me was created from the simplified shape of a chair, which, like everything in the world around us, is perceived  differently by everyone. The same is true in therapy, which is about looking at a situation from a different perspective.

The colors proposed by me refer to the color of the African Violet (saintpaulia), the only flower which color (due to a rare type of color blindness) was seen by the greatest pioneer of hypnosis and family therapy—Milton Hyland Erickson, an american psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

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