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New path, new boots

Logo Design
Corporate Identity
McKeylor is a brand of Polish footwear importer WM Group, known for brands such as Vincenza, Potocki, Wolski, Street Feet Kids, and Egoos.

McKey brand focused on the production of sports and trekking shoes. Company decided to change its name to McKeylor and refresh contemporary logo. So I was ask to design a new mark that would refer to the previous mark and brand identity, but would be more modern and minimalist.

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New symbol

Designed symbol combines the letters “M” and “K” referring to the new brand name. Sharp edges together with the circle in which the mark was closed, emphasize the mountain and trekking character of the offered assortment, and discreetly refer to the previous symbol.

No only boots

The minimalist and universal form of the mark makes it easy to use on various types of footwear products, but also on clothing and textiles.

Used orange color is associated with the sun and warmth, it adds energy, mobilizes to action and activity—it’s a carrier of good emotions and active lifestyle, which is propagated by the McKeylor brand.

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