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KROP Systems
Complete gutter systems

Logo Design
Corporate Identity
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KROP is child company of one of the largest roofing manufacturers in Poland, Blachotrapez. It’s the most modern manufacturer of gutter systems, for which I had to design a logo and complete visual identification. KROP extends the already comprehensive offer of Blachotrapez. The company’s offer was to include two gutter systems. First, PVC—made of lightweight, easy-to-process and durable corrosion-resistant material. Second, Steel—made of the highest quality coated steel produced by Blachotrapez.

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The name “KROP” comes from the word “kropla” (drop in polish). I was able to combine the name with the gutter cross-section and thus create a minimalist symbol.

The biggest challenge was to create a visual identification of two different gutter systems, and to combine them into one coherent whole, while maintaining the characteristic features of both products.

Two elements

I decided to distinguish them with separate colors of orange and blue. Cool blue—durable steel and warm orange—elastic and soft plastic. Used colors create coherent whole.

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