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Roof of many generations

Corporate Identity
Editorial Design
Blachotrapez is a Polish family company with 50 years of tradition, and a leader among manufacturers of roofing and facade coverings in Poland and abroad. The Blachotrapez company hasn’t changed its image for several decades, but the dynamic development and increased activity on international markets forced Blachotrapez brand to take necessary steps to improve the image.

My task was to enhance the existing image, making it more modern and at the same time more accessible to the recipient.

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Fear of change

The most characteristic element was the roof symbol, which was so recognizable and associated with the company, that I decided to use it to create new identity and new advertising materials.

In addition, after consultations, we decided to abandon the old navy blue color, which the company used for years, and replace it with a friendlier, warmer shade of blue. I proposed to use elements of logo in creating a graphic motif of two stripes crossing the surface, which refer to the logotype and add a characteristic apperance to the entire identity.

New beginning

My solution was approved and was implemented in over 130 locations across the country and in most of the car fleet. Identity laid the foundations for the further process of simplifying and unifying the image of Blachotrapez, including Internet and press.

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